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Alta is a mobile application for iOS and Android phones.

Last updated 14/05/2024

Data Owner
Glassworks (UK) LTD
1c Montford Place
Kennington Green
London SE11 5DE
United Kingdom


This application is intended to be used in conjunction with the Alta – A Human Atlas of a City of Angels publication and / or museum exhibition to trigger the viewed image and allow the user to access a deeper level of experience within the project.


This application uses the Camera as a means to trigger content. While the camera is on, the application uses TensorFlow.JS (see below) to scan for one of a series of known images. When a known image is seen, content is triggered. No captured images or video streams are stored on the device, or uploaded or streamed to any service online or otherwise.


TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript library for training and deploying machine learning models to recognise images. All recognition is done locally on the device, captured images are not stored or uploaded to a server. TensorFlow.JS is a product of Google and the Terms can be viewed here. The Privacy Policy can be viewed here.