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Last updated 11/08/2023

De.Coded is a mobile application for iOS and Android phones.

Data Owner
Glassworks (UK) LTD
1c Montford Place
Kennington Green
London SE11 5DE
United Kingdom


This application is intended to be used in conjunction with the De.Coded – A Human Atlas of Silicon Valley publication and / or museum exhibition to trigger the viewed image and allow the user to access a deeper level of experience within the project.


This application uses the Camera as a means to trigger content. While the camera is on, the application uses TensorFlow.JS (see below) to scan for one of a series of known images. When a known image is seen, content is triggered. No captured images or video streams are stored on the device, or uploaded or streamed to any service online or otherwise.


TensorFlow.js is a JavaScript library for training and deploying machine learning models to recognise images. All recognition is done locally on the device, captured images are not stored or uploaded to a server. TensorFlow.JS is a product of Google and the Terms can be viewed here. The Privacy Policy can be viewed here.