Social Issues

Here is a more comprehensive list of social issues that
could help you identify the best fit for your nominee.

Ableism Access to Education
Addiction Ageism
Air Quality Animal Rights
Anti-Competitive Practices Bullying
Child Welfare Children’s Rights
Civility Climate Change
Consumer Protection Corporate Accountability
Cost of Education Crime
Criminal Justice Reform Cronyism
Culture Change Debt Bondage
Disease Economic Development
Environmental Destruction Environmental Justice
Epidemics & Pandemics Extinctions
Food Quality Food Security
Fraud Freedoms
Genetically Modified Food Globalization & Trade
Government Spending Healthcare
High Interest Lending Human Rights
Hunger Immigration
Indigenous Rights Inflation
Information Security LGBT Rights
Living Conditions Mental Health
Minimum Wage Misinformation
Modern Slavery Monopolies
Natural Disasters Natural Resources
Nuclear Weapons Obesity
Pesticides Policing
Political Accountability Political Stability
Pollution Poverty
Prisoners’ Rights Privacy
Public Debt Public Safety
Quality of Life Racism
Recessions & Depressions Refugees
Right to Know Rights
Sexism Social Inequality
Social Safety Net Social Stability
Substance Abuse Taxation
Technological Change Terrorism
Tobacco & Nicotine Products Toxic Waste
Unemployment Urban Development
War Women’s Rights
Working Conditions Workplace Safety